Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

American Airlines’ respect for human rights is unwavering. Our core values include safety, security, integrity, compliance with the law, and respect for the individual and the unique customs and cultures in communities where we operate. We recognize the international human rights principles expressed in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and endeavour to conduct business in a manner consistent with those principles. We also expect our vendors and suppliers to uphold internationally recognized human rights within their own operations as set forth in our Standards of Business Conduct for Suppliers.

As a prominent part of the worldwide travel industry, American conducts its business in a manner that protects human rights and the rights of children within our sphere of influence. We condemn human rights abuses, including forced or compulsory labour and child exploitation in any form. Consequently, we have adopted responsible workplace practices and endeavour to conduct our business operations free from complicity in human rights abuses.

We condemn all forms of slavery or servitude, forced or compulsory labour, and human trafficking. We also condemn exploitation of children. We don’t recruit child labour, and we support the elimination of exploitative child labour. We also support laws enacted to prevent and punish the sexual exploitation of children. We are committed to working to raise awareness of these issues among our employees and vendors and cooperating with law enforcement authorities to address any instances of exploitation that we become aware of.

American provides initial and recurrent human trafficking awareness training for its flight attendants. American also provides anti-trafficking training to its employees with relevant purchasing responsibilities, including training employees who conduct on-site visits to American’s international suppliers on how to recognize signs of human trafficking and what action they should take if they suspect human trafficking.

American has also made information on human trafficking, including links to educational and training resources, available to all employees on our employee website.

We have a 24/7 hotline (the EthicsPoint helpline) available to all employees. Employees can call the toll-free number or use an online, secure web portal to ask questions or report questionable conduct. The helpline is available systemwide to domestic and international employees, and employees can remain anonymous. American’s Business Ethics & Compliance Office and Legal Department also receive reports by telephone, mail and email.

Anyone who, in good faith, seeks advice, raises a concern, asks a question, reports actual or suspected misconduct or participates in an investigation is following our Standards of Business Conduct — and is doing the right thing. We take claims of retaliation seriously and investigate all allegations of retaliation. Employees who have retaliated against someone who reported or raised a good faith concern about misconduct will be subject to serious disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Stephen L. Johnson