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Flying on US Airways?

If your first flight is operated by US Airways and you would like to set up a flight status notification, please visit the following US Airways pages for more information: Flight status | Stay informed. BeNotified.

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Now, American Airlines customers can be even more efficient. We've designed a variety of tools to enhance the travel experience from online to in the air, and they can all be accessed online - all on

As an AAdvantage® member, the new Notification Center* enables you to set preferences just one time to automatically receive flight status notifications for all your flights.

We're also making it easier for you to connect with friends and family when you fly whether it's an email, a voicemail or a mobile text. You can save up to 10 contacts in your AAdvantage profile, and we can proactively notify up to three of your contacts.

Log in to your AAdvantage account to visit the Notification Center! Not an AAdvantage member? Join the AAdvantage program today!

Plus, you can still create a one-time notification for any American Airlines flight, even if you're not a passenger on that particular flight.*

*For access to the new Notification Center, the user must have an AAdvantage member and be travelling on the requested flight to receive notifications. To actually receive notifications via the Notification Center, the user must also include his or her AAdvantage number in their American Airlines reservation. This feature is for flights marketed and operated by American Airlines or American Eagle. For voice notification, the recipient must have a country calling code of +1 (U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands). For text message notifications, the recipient must have a valid mobile number from a supported country, as listed on the notification set-up page. Standard Text and Voice Messaging Rates May Apply. Text messages are sent to your mobile device via SMS (Short Message Service). Flight notifications can be sent as early as 30 minutes to four hours in advance of the flight; however, notifications can be created as early as 331 days from the current date to the flight date. Be sure to check airport monitors for last-minute gate changes.

The Notification Center sends messages to you based on the information stored in the Contact Information and Password tab in My Account. Make sure that your "Cell," "Email" and "Text" contact information all have the corresponding phone number, email address and mobile service provider information.

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