Terms and Conditions

General AAdvantage Program Conditions

To ensure you receive credit for your AAdvantage transactions, please provide your AAdvantage number when you make your travel reservations or use the services of our partners. American Airlines may, in its discretion, change the AAdvantage program rules, regulations, travel awards and special offers at any time with or without notice. This means that the accumulation of mileage credit does not entitle members to any vested rights with respect to such mileage credits, awards or program benefits. In accumulating mileage or awards, members may not rely upon the continued availability of any award or award level, and members may not be able to obtain all offered awards for all destinations or on all flights. Any award may be withdrawn or subject to increased mileage requirements or new restrictions at any time. American Airlines may, among other things, (i) withdraw, limit, modify, or cancel any award; (ii) change program benefits, mileage levels, participant affiliations, conditions of participation, rules for earning, redeeming, retaining or forfeiting mileage credit, or rules for the use of travel awards; or (iii) add travel embargo dates, limit the number of seats available for award travel (including, but not limited to, allocating no seats on certain flights) or otherwise restrict the continued availability of travel awards or special offers. American Airlines may make any one or more of these changes at any time even though such changes may affect your ability to use the mileage credit or awards that you have already accumulated. American Airlines reserves the right to end the AAdvantage program with six months' notice. AAdvantage travel awards, accrued mileage credits and special offers are subject to government regulations. American Airlines is not responsible for products and services offered by other participating companies. Any departure fee, immigration fee, security fee, tax liability surcharge, passenger facility charge or any other fee or surcharge (whether enacted by a governmental authority or otherwise) is the responsibility of the passenger and/or the AAdvantage member.

  • AAdvantage members must have mileage earning or redeeming activity once every 18 months in order to retain their miles. If your account has no qualifying activity in any 18-month period, all miles in the account will expire. Each qualifying activity extends the expiration date of all unexpired mileage credit in your account for 18 months from the date of the qualifying activity. Qualifying activity is defined as redeeming any AAdvantage award or accruing mileage credit on any eligible American, American Eagle® or AAdvantage airline participant as well as accruing mileage credit with participating hotels, car rental companies, credit cards, telecommunication providers, and other service providers offering AAdvantage mileage credit.
  • AAdvantage is an individual-oriented program. Your mileage summaries, special promotional materials, and tickets will be sent to the address or email address, as applicable, you provide.
  • You are responsible for reading the AAdvantage Program Terms and Conditions, additional member information, AAdvantage newsletter/s and account summaries online at aa.com in order to understand your rights, responsibilities, and status under the AAdvantage program. American Airlines may amend its rules of the Program at any time without notice.
  • Members may view their account status on www.aa.com or by subscribing to receive the AAdvantage eSummary.
  • At no time may AAdvantage mileage credit or award tickets be purchased, sold or bartered (including but not limited to transferring, gifting, or promising mileage credit or award tickets in exchange for support of a certain business, product, or charity and/or participation in an auction, sweepstakes, raffle, or contest). Any such mileage or tickets are void if transferred for cash or other consideration. Violators (including any passenger who uses a purchased or bartered award ticket) may be liable for damages and litigation costs, including American Airlines attorney's fees incurred in enforcing this rule.
  • Use of award tickets that have been acquired by purchase or for any other consideration may result in the tickets being confiscated or the passenger being denied boarding. If a trip has been started, any continued travel will be at the passenger's expense on a full-fare basis. The passenger and member may also be liable to American Airlines for the cost of a full fare ticket for any segments flown on a sold or bartered ticket.
  • Fraud, misrepresentation, abuse or violation of applicable rules (including, but not limited to, American or American Eagle conditions of carriage, tariffs and AAdvantage program rules) is subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by appropriate governmental authorities and American Airlines. Such action may include, without limitation, the forfeiture of all award tickets, and any accrued mileage in a member's account, as well as cancellation of the account and the member's future participation in the AAdvantage program. In addition, American Airlines reserves the right to take appropriate legal action to recover damages, including its attorney fees incurred in prosecuting any lawsuit.
  • American Airlines reserves the right to audit any and all accounts at any time and without notice to the member to ensure compliance with AAdvantage program rules and applicable conditions of carriage and/or tariffs. In the event that an audit reveals discrepancies or violations, the processing of AAdvantage awards, mileage accrual and summaries may be delayed until the discrepancies or violations are resolved satisfactorily to American Airlines. Pending such resolution, members may be prohibited from redeeming mileage credits for an AAdvantage award or ticket as determined in American's sole discretion.
  • If American Airlines and/or any AAdvantage participant improperly denies a member mileage credit, travel award, or some other benefit, the member's exclusive remedy shall be the issuance of the improperly denied credit, award or benefit if available, or such other alternative comparable benefit as determined by American, which shall have no additional liability whatsoever. In no event shall American Airlines or any AAdvantage participant be liable to any member, or anyone claiming through a member, for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, or lost revenue or profits, arising out of American Airlines or any AAdvantage participant acts or omissions in connection with the AAdvantage program.
  • Accumulation of AAdvantage mileage and use of AAdvantage travel awards with companies other than American Airlines are subject to the continued participation of such companies in the AAdvantage program.
  • To enroll in the AAdvantage® program on your mobile device, text JOIN to 35922. A return text will be sent including a link to enroll directly on your mobile device. Message and data rates may apply. Text STOP to cancel and text HELP for help. For AAdvantage program assistance please call 1-800-882-8880 from the U.S. and Canada, or 817-786-3796 from outside the U.S. and Canada. Participating carriers include (but are not limited to):

    US Cellular
    Verizon Wireless

  • These terms and conditions are governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.

Earning AAdvantage Miles

To ensure you receive credit for your AAdvantage transactions, please provide your AAdvantage number when you make your travel reservations or use the services of our participants. Retain all flight documents until the mileage credit appears on your mileage summary. Members may track their summary online at www.aa.com or by subscribing to receive the AAdvantage eSummarySM. For transactions with other participants, retain your original paid invoice. AAdvantage eSummary subscribers receive their summary and information every month, regardless of activity level. Your summary includes flight and participant mileage earned, along with AAdvantage program information and special promotions.

  • Mileage will be credited only to the account of the AAdvantage member who flies, rents a car, stays at a hotel or earns mileage utilizing other participating companies. No mileage credit will be awarded for canceled flights or if you are accommodated on another airline.
  • Except as otherwise explained below, mileage credit is not transferable and may not be combined among AAdvantage members, their estates, successors and assigns. Accrued mileage credit and award tickets do not constitute property of the member. Neither accrued mileage, nor award tickets, nor upgrades are transferable by the member (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations matter, or (iii) otherwise by operation of law. However, American Airlines, in its sole discretion, may credit accrued mileage to persons specifically identified in court approved divorce decrees and wills upon receipt of documentation satisfactory to American Airlines and upon payment of any applicable fees. Mileage credit is transferable between AAdvantage accounts when offered by AA online, with the shareAAmilesSM program. The member must adhere to the rules and limitations of the shareAAmiles program.
  • AAdvantage flight mileage credit is determined on the basis of nonstop distances between the airports where your flight originates and terminates. On connecting flights, you'll receive mileage credit for each segment of your trip; on single-plane flights, you'll receive the nonstop origin-destination mileage. On American Airlines and other AAdvantage airline participants, you'll receive AAdvantage mileage credit only for the class of service on which your fare is based when you are ticketed. American Airlines is the final authority on qualification for mileage credit and reserves the right to deny or revoke mileage credit at any time if American Airlines determines that mileage credit was improperly given.
  • Mileage credit cannot be earned for the same flight, hotel stay, or car rental in more than one of the following programs: the AAdvantage program or any other loyalty program in which American Airlines participates.
  • After your flight departs, you will not be able to change your selection of a frequent traveler program for earning mileage credit.
  • You will not be able to transfer mileage you accumulate in the AAdvantage program to any other carrier's program, nor can you transfer mileage you accumulate in another carrier's program to the AAdvantage program.
  • It is necessary to request AAdvantage mileage credit for any flight on which a member wishes to use AAdvantage elite status benefits.
  • You may accrue mileage only for purchased, eligible, published-fare tickets on qualifying routes used in accordance with all applicable conditions of carriage, tariffs, rules and terms of ticketing and travel. AAdvantage mileage accrual eligibility on airline participant routes is subject to change without notice. Flights to/from Cuba are not eligible for mileage accrual.
  • Mileage can only be accumulated one time per flight, regardless of the number of seats purchased.
  • Only individual persons are eligible for AAdvantage program membership. Corporations, other entities, animals or blocked-seat baggage are not eligible to become AAdvantage members or to accrue AAdvantage miles. Generally, only the member named on the account will be entitled to access account information. However, American Airlines does comply with court orders and subpoenas and cooperates with investigations by state and federal agencies. Under these circumstances your account information may be shared with others with or without your knowledge or consent. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how we process your information.
  • You may request mileage credit for past, eligible transactions up to 12 months from the transaction date. Transactions prior to your enrollment date are not eligible for mileage credit.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that your mileage earned is properly credited. If you believe that mileage has been earned but not properly credited, you may be required to submit documentation or other proof satisfactory to American Airlines, which may include copies of ticket coupons, boarding passes, and receipts. Any claim for uncredited mileage must be received by American Airlines within 12 months after the mileage credit was earned.
  • Certain airline tickets are not eligible for earning mileage credit. These include, without limitation, the following: all tickets issued as AAdvantage awards or other free ticket promotions including free or reduced rate tickets; companion tickets; charter flight tickets; travel agency/industry reduced rate tickets; infant tickets; items occupying a purchased seat; unpublished fare tickets, including consolidator fares; and tickets issued subject to special provisions.

Redeeming AAdvantage Miles

  • Flight awards entitle you to one-way travel unless otherwise noted. Certain special awards require round-trip travel and immigration laws in some locations require proof of onward or return travel. One-Way awards can be combined to create a round trip or multi-city trip.
  • AAdvantage flight awards may not be combined with other AAdvantage flight awards; may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion, coupon, discount or special offer; and are void where prohibited by law. Flights to/from Cuba are not eligible for mileage redemption.
  • Upgrades are limited to a one-way award with a maximum of three segments. No stopovers are allowed when using a one-way upgrade award. All upgrade awards are subject to capacity controls.
  • Your flight awards are only valid for designated award destinations served at the time you use the ticket.
  • Once ticketed, you'll have one year from the date of ticketing to complete all travel unless otherwise noted.
  • American Airlines assumes no responsibility for and is not liable for any unauthorized access by third parties to a member's account and/or account information, including but not limited to any unauthorized award transaction made from the account, except as provided under applicable laws.
  • American assumes no obligation or duty to re-credit any unauthorized mileage withdrawal made by third parties; however, American reserves the right to review, in its sole discretion, requests for re-crediting unauthorized mileage withdrawals provided such request is made to American within 3-months of the unauthorized withdrawal.
  • Subject to the rules prohibiting purchase, sale, and barter of AAdvantage mileage and travel awards as well as the rules pertaining to any special AAdvantage offers, AAdvantage award tickets may be issued in any name designated by the AAdvantage member, however the recipient of the mileage credit or award ticket must be identified at the time of transfer and cannot be identified at a later point in time, such as a charity to be named later, or conditioned upon the outcome of a future event, such as the winner of a contest.
  • Once award tickets are issued they cannot be transferred.
  • Passengers must have identification available at all times during travel.
  • AAdvantage flight awards are subject to, and the passenger is responsible for, any applicable departure taxes, security fees, federal inspection fees, passenger facility charges, and/or other taxes, fees and surcharges assessed by appropriate authorities. In addition, there may be applicable charges under the AAdvantage program, such as AAdvantage award charges.
  • Awards for international travel are subject to appropriate governmental approvals.
  • Tickets issued as AAdvantage flight awards are not applicable for travel on American Airlines cooperative codeshare service with other carriers. In addition, selected flights designated as AAdvantage airline participant flights, but operated by another carrier, may not be valid for award travel.
  • Upgrade tickets may be issued at American Airlines ticketing locations or by your travel agent. For all other airline travel awards, including those for travel on airline participants, your reservations must be made with, and your tickets issued by, an American Airlines or American Eagle airport ticket office or American Airlines Travel Center or via American Airlines Ticket Delivery Service. All flight awards must be ticketed on American Airlines ticket stock.
  • Flight awards on American Airlines, American Eagle and our airline participants may be subject to special limitations on seating availability. Seats for award travel may not be available on all flights. Reservations for flight awards will be accepted, and you will have a confirmed seat, as long as award seats are still available for the award you are using when you make your reservation. However, all accommodations are subject to availability at the time reservations are made.
  • Each AAdvantage participant is responsible for its awards only and not for the awards of other participating companies. If an AAdvantage participant agreement changes or terminates, you may find that AAdvantage awards for that participant are no longer available. American Airlines is not responsible for any participant withdrawals, award cancellations, discontinued services, changes in any mileage levels, rules or restrictions applying to participant's awards or mileage accrual policies. AAdvantage award restrictions may be announced by American Airlines or AAdvantage participants at any time without notice.
  • Travel on AAdvantage tickets will be subject to the tariff, contract of carriage, ticket terms, and re-accommodation policies of the carrier on which travel is scheduled and may also be subject to the Warsaw Convention or its successor. American Airlines and American Eagle's conditions of carriage are available from any American airport or Travel Center representative.
  • Income tax liability on AAdvantage travel awards, if any, is the responsibility of the member.

AAdvantage Award Reinstatement/Reissuance Charges

  • Prior to ticketing, you may change your AAdvantage travel award reservations with no charge incurred. However, if your tickets are reissued after the original ticketing, a charge may apply for each ticket. This service charge is paid at the time your ticket is reissued and is subject to change without notice. The charge does not apply to the reticketing of AAnytime® award tickets. Upgrade, companion and discount award travel is subject to restrictions of fare purchased.
  • Once ticketed, the oneworld® awards cannot be reissued any time.
  • AAdvantage mileage will be reinstated for unused and unexpired awards upon payment of a processing fee. For each additional award reinstatement from the same account at the same time, an additional charge will be collected. These charges are payable by credit card or by check.
  • Expired tickets will not be reinstated. If a portion of the miles used to claim an award ticket has expired, only those miles that have not expired will be reinstated. Partially used tickets will not be reinstated.

500 Mile Upgrades Terms and Conditions

  • Complimentary upgrades are applicable for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members traveling on any purchased, published fare and for Platinum and Gold members traveling on a purchased, published fare booked in Y or B (excluding military/government fares).

    Executive Platinum, Platinum and Gold members may also request a complimentary upgrade for one companion on the same flight, provided both are traveling on a purchased, published fare booked in Y or B (excluding military/government fares).
  • Upgrades may be used on American Airlines or American Eagle marketed and operated flights offering a First or Business Class cabin within and between the 50 United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, as well as between the United States and Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua or Panama).
  • Each upgrade is valid for 500 miles of travel. Each flight segment requires at least one upgrade.
  • Upgrades are valid from Economy Class to the next class of service. Non-elite status AAdvantage members must purchase a full-fare Economy Class ticket (booked in Y or B) to be eligible for an upgrade.
  • Upgrade inventory is subject to seating limitations and capacity controls.
  • Upgrade reservations may be confirmed - if upgrade seating is available - no earlier than twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the flight. If a confirmed upgrade is not available, you will automatically be given the opportunity to be added to the Airport Upgrade Standby List while checking in for your flight on aa.com, your mobile device, at the airport Self-Service machine, or with an airport agent. In order to be added to the Airport Upgrade Standby List, you will need to have the required number of upgrades in your account at the time of check-in.
  • For any flight on which you are a confirmed passenger, standby priority at the airport will be AAdvantage Executive Platinum members first, AAdvantage Platinum members next, AAdvantage Gold members, then other AAdvantage members. In addition, your priority within each elite status level will also be determined based on the date and time you requested your upgrade initially.
  • Boarding passes must be issued by an Airline Representative, subject to applicable seat availability and operational restrictions, and only upon presentation of your AAdvantage card and verification of the required number of upgrades in your upgrade account. The appropriate number of upgrades will be deducted from your electronic upgrade account at the time of travel.
  • AAdvantage mileage will accrue for the class of service on which your fare is based when you are ticketed, not the class of service flown.
  • Upgrades will not be refunded, exchanged, or transferred.
  • Upgrades are void if sold for cash or other consideration.
  • Purchased upgrade prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Upgrades purchased through American Airlines Reservations or aa.com require a minimum of 2 hours processing time to be deposited into your upgrade account.
  • In the event of a cancellation or off-schedule operation, American Airlines will attempt to honor your upgrade on another of its flights. If you are accommodated on another carrier, it will be in the class of service purchased on your American Airlines ticket.
  • American Airlines reserves the right to eliminate or restrict the use of upgrades on certain flights and make other such changes at any time without notice. Use of upgrades to any future American Airlines destination is subject to approval.